Trying to Find 2019 Fashion Trends at Used/Cheap Clothing Stores: Here’s What Happened.

I have a confession to make, and I am not happy about it. The truth is, I am not a clothes shopper/person. Really all I wear is graphic tees, jeans (yes I do not own a single pair of leggings, shocking right?) my classic black converse and either a hoodie or my army green spring jacket that I have had for so many years. When I do go shopping it usually ends up being more jeans, hoodies, sweaters, etc but I am trying to change that.

I also HATE spending money on clothes, or I hate spending money on myself is what I should say (unless it is for food, that is my weakness). When I do buy clothes it usually ends up being from a used or cheap/sale store because I will not pay $100 for a pair of jeans, or $80 for a shirt. If the shirt is used and over $10 I will not buy it. I am also supercritical when it comes to clothing because I have to think about if I can match it with other outfits and such.

I am trying to revamp my closet and potentially my style, but at an affordable price but first, I had to check what is in style. I took a deep dive into Instagram and some very fashion forward ladies such as Bre Sheppard, Rachel Parcell, Emily Schuman and Joanna Goddard. You may know some of these ladies from their wildly popular blogs including Joanna’s blog, Cup of Jo, which revolutionized the blog game forever.

After a deep dive I have found a few things (according to the internet and many fashion blogs that tie dye (pastel colors especially), fringe, spots (especially black and white polka dots), animal print, boiler suits, bucket hats, patchwork, neon green and lavender, black and white prints (whether it is stripes or gingham) and bike shorts which I will never, EVER wear. 

A few of these trends I am interested in like the boiler suits, animal prints, patchwork and tie dye. I think if I can find a few of these items it will surely spice up my closet and hopefully my attitude as well. First things first, let’s check out what I already own.

After a long scavenge through my closet I found quite a few things that I love from previous seasons like kimonos, bright color shorts, and other fun summer transition items. In order for me to wear these outfits I knew I was going to have to put the items I consistently wear in the back so it was not on my mind to wear them. Even if something isn’t style and you love it, it should be obvious that it is ok to wear it! All the clothes that I haven’t worn in 2 years or so I was going to sell, I decided to donate all the pieces to local women’s shelters in my area. There are many new and existing programs in your area that focus on helping women dress for success along with practicing interviews and other professional help for women in need. I highly recommend doing the same. Now, the hard part begins.

I am trying to spend less than $200 on many new pieces that I can wear separately or mix and match with my existing outfits. This is outfits, shoes and accessories as well which can certainly be a challenge. I also wanted outfits that can be worn casually, at work, or having a drink with a few friends. The first store I went to was Ross.

Ross recently opened a store here and I have been twice and am already in LOVE. There are so many great furniture, kitchen accessories, and other things at such a low price. The one thing I had not checked out previously was their clothing section so with a determined mind, I set out to be fashion forward.

When I stepped into their store, I was greeted with a vast selection of items that I was very, very interested in. I shopped around for roughly an hour or so before trying my finds on. It was very hard not to get distracted by all the wonderful kitchen gadgets, outdoor accessories, and discounted products that lined the shelves!

After some digging I finally found a couple pieces that I FELL IN LOVE with. The main items I was hoping to find on this excursion were the boiler suits, tie dye, and neon green items. I found a couple jumpers which I could pass off as boiler suits if I really tried. For those of you who don’t know the difference between a boiler suit and a jumper, it’s actually pretty simple. A jumper (at least in my experience is a full-length bodysuit with short sleeves or tank straps. These are the perfect thing to wear for every season because of their ability to be layered with ease. I usually wear a sweater to layer it up, or I will add some funky jewelry to accessories not just the outfit, but make it a look, or as the kids say, a LEWK.

A Boiler Suit on the other hand is similar to a body suit but usually has long sleeves all the way down or sometimes have longer tee-sleeves. I found a couple jumpers and one I found was a black and white gingham pattern across the whole outfit. Needless to say, it was love at first sight, but we all know first dates don’t always go so well.

After not being able to fit it over my thighs, along with some other body suits, I gave up that hunt at Ross. I did however find a really cute Pacman cropped tie dye tee that fit my aesthetic to a tee (ha, get it?), but it was $14 which I couldn’t justify. I know I am a cheapskate I can hear the comments screaming at me now.

I ended up going with this simple but in style tie dye shirt, with lavender hints throughout and this super dynamic pink jacket that I can wear any time of year as a jacket, or as a layering piece with other outfits. I thought while I was shopping around, I would also check out the accessories section and find a statement piece bag because those are truly my weakness.

Upon my very thorough investigation of all the bags, I spotted one of hexagonal shapes with an elegant spring floral print. I thought I could pair it with that jacket or even a white tee shirt with jeans for a pop of color. I also found one by the same company that was purple in the shape of a heart with the elegant floral pattern as well, just in a different color to change it up. After one of the hardest decisions in my shopping history I decided the hexagonal bag would be the best with the outfit I purchased and the outfits that currently reside in the back of my closet.

With the jacket, shirt and bag, I only spent $18!!!! That is such a steal for cute pieces that I know will be a lasting part of my wardrobe for a while. After Ross, I had a feeling that this revamping my wardrobe would be easy breezy, but little did I know what awaited me next.

I went to TJ Maxx knowing that so many people have had the best of luck when it comes to finding stunning outfits at an affordable price. Keeping my budget and “guidelines” in mind, I set forth, not really knowing what to expect. I walked in and was greeted with aisles and aisles of clothing and a sensory overload of cuteness. I found so many things that were on trend for 2019 so I made my way over. I found so many adorable boiler suits in a variety of colors, but I screamed in horror when I saw the price tag.

“30 DOLLARS!!!” I exclaimed to myself. I was appalled that they were willing to charge so much for a plain colored boiler suit. I took a step back and realized that I, in fact, was completely unreasonable in my judgement knowing designers like Gucci and Louise charged $3,000 for something of the same caliber. After realizing I had only spent $18 out of my $200 dollar budget! I grabbed two colors of the boiler suits, along with a very, very bold leopard pant suit. I also found a few cute different styles of boots and sandals to be worn interchangeably with my current outfits. I have also been LIVING for skirts so I checked out a few patchwork skirts as well.

Ultimately and unfortunately, nothing fit. At all. I thought I would give it another go but after trying about 20 things on or so. I thought I would try one last shop.

Me being a cheap queen thought I should try out some local thrift stores as well, just to see what cool finds I may be able to see. I have had great luck with the salvation army previously, so I thought I would check that out. It was conveniently right across the street from TJ Maxx so it seemed like the obvious choice. I purchased my current swivel barstools from the Salvation Army and many other accessories from the same location so I thought it couldn’t be that bad. What was inside blew my mind.

This particular location was in such a state of disarray and smelled of water stains and other airborne pathogens. There was no rhyme or reason to the displays and in some sections, just plastic bins of random items. I was scared to touch any of the clothing items and after less than five minutes, I exited the store.

Overall, an unsuccessful day. A day later, things began to turn up. I applied and was accepted by a few different brands as a brand ambassador. The places I am now an ambassador too are, Breezy Swim, and Urban Eyewear, as well as NEUTROGENA!!! WHAT! I am working on getting my discount codes up and working but here are a few to get you started!

I am still waiting on my Neutrogena code, but once I get it, I will update this post!

If you are looking for stylish sunglasses at an affordable price, check out If you don’t use this link just type in BRE40 for 40% off your order!

This may have been a bust, but I sure had fun finding new trends and getting out of my style comfort zone. I will be looking for deals online to catch up with this year’s fashion, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment down below. If you want to see anything that hasn’t been done on here before, leave a comment or find me on Instagram @sunshineandseasoning.

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