HI EVERYONE!!! Sorry for the giant excited font but I can’t believe I have 50 followers! Thank you to every last one of you for reading my posts, commenting and liking and being on this journey with me! I’ve got some big plans for the rest of the year and I am so excited to share them with you! As many of you know I am currently focusing on back to school and regular content will resume around the 30th of August so stay tuned!


To celebrate 50 Followers I will give you my discount to Urban Eyewear! If you use code BRE40 you can take 40% off any of their cute glasses! Check them out here and let me know what pair you grabbed! I have the “Best in Class” and I bought the “Hilton’s” for my niece and she loves them! Grab your pair here!



I just want to say thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for sticking around with me. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and be out on the look for a post tomorrow! I love you all!

-Bre from Sunshine and Seasonings!


(Feature Image from Canva)

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