My Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks and Why YOU NEED THEM!

If you have been reading my posts for a while now, I’m sure you realize that I LOVE cooking! Cooking is one of my passions and my favorite pastime. When I’m not writing or doing homework/working I am baking or learning new recipes. When learning new recipes I have a few cookbooks that are my go-to’s when trying new recipes! I thought I would share them with you today so you can get started on your culinary journey today!


1: Rosanna Pansino “Baking All Year Round”

If you are a gal like myself who loves sweet treats this cookbook for you! I love seasonal and holiday cooking so this cookbook was a must! She mentions many holidays like Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Easter and more! She also mentions other miscellaneous holidays like birthdays, back to school, baby showers and more! In the first few pages of her cookbook she highlights everything you need to make all of her delicious recipes! She also has a cookbook called “Nerdy Nummies” which focuses on making nerdy cakes and treats like the sims diamond or the death star from star wars! Pick up her newest cookbook here:


2: Julia Child “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”

If you want to learn anything about traditional french cooking, Julia Child should be your go too! WIth her fancy and fun style she taught us every week a new recipe and released an onslaught of cookbooks larger than life! These cookbooks hold some of the most delicious french recipes that the average chef can make at home! When we decide to eat something fancy I usually check this cookbook or my “French Laundry” cookbook! Grab this timeless cookbook here:


3: A Church Cookbook (Any Really)

Church cookbooks are God’s way of telling us he loves us. Some of the best recipes I have tried have been from local church cookbooks! They usually sell them pretty cheap or you can get them for less than a dollar at your local thrift shop! I learned how to make the best vodka pasta sauce and pistachio ice cream pie from the same church cookbook! Even if you aren’t religious a church cookbook will have the recipes to your heart! I won’t link a cookbook because you can find your own  favorite cookbook if you look around!


4: Anthony Bourdain “Appetites: A Cookbook”

Anthony Bourdain was one of the true powerhouses in the food industry. With a serious tone and comedic timing, he could make or break some restaurants. Not only was he an impeccable food critic and restaurateur, he was also a badass chef. That man cooked with the fear of god and I will have endless respect for him. He has released many cookbooks over the years but this is one of my personal favorites. He instills a sense of levity in the reader through easy to read recipes and humor throughout. Check out the book here:


5: Karen Page and Andrew Dorenburg “The Flavor Bible”

This was one of the first cookbooks I ever bought and it really shaped how I view food forever. This books goes deeper into the traditional recipes and why some flavors work better with others. It get’s into the science of food which makes this probably my all time favorite cookbook. I could gush for hours but I insist that you purchase this cookbook right now! Check it out here:


Those are my top 5 favorite cookbooks! Have you tried any of these before? Do you think there is one I should try? Let me know down below and I will see you Tuesday! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @sunshineandseasoning 


Thank you for reading!


-Bre 🙂


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