My Top 10 Favorite Apps and Why You NEED Them!

My 10 Favorite Apps and Why You NEED Them


In the year 2019, it’s extremely common to have a cellphone, even if it’s an older flip phone. There is a new app created everyday so finding one’s that you love can be difficult!  None of these apps have sponsored me (although I wish they did), so this is just a list of my favorite apps I think you should have! These apps range from free to up to $10. These are just a few of my favorites!



I have ranted and raved about this app previously to my friends and family, as well as on my blog. If you want to check out that post and how to save money using Shopkick, check out my previous posting here.

I will give you the back of the DVD case summary. Shopkick is an app that collects information about people like you and what you purchase. You can get points a few different ways: walk-ins, scans, scanning your receipts, and purchases with your linked card!

When you walk in you receive points (usually 10) just for walking into the store. While you are shopping you can also get a wide range of points by looking at what items you can scan to get points. It’s super simple and only took me about 10 minutes to get 35 scans! If you have purchased items that are in the receipt section of ShopKick, you can get points, just by buying what you need! The last way to get points is by using your card. If you are weary about an app having your card information, you don’t have to link your card (I don’t have my linked), you just won’t get the points for using/linking your cards. Most of the deals for using your cards give you between 2-10 points per $1 spent so if you spend $50 and each dollar is 5 points, that’s 250 free points!

There is a wide variety of prizes you can receive by earning points. I am currently working up to get a $50 gift card to Walmart because groceries are expensive. I just did the math and if I went to 9 stores and only walked in and scanned items (not purchasing anything) I would be at 3,175 points, for doing maybe an hour of work! Do this 4 times (usually once every a day or a week) and you will get a free $50 in no time. You can get points by signing up for free today! If you are interested in signing up, if you enter this code into the app (SHOP453141) that is my referral code to get you and me some extra kicks as well!


Kitchen Stories

Anyone that knows me that one of my biggest passions in life is cooking and food. I love learning people’s family recipes, cooking with what ingredients are in season and other general cooking knowledge. With a tagline “anyone can cook”, it’s a no brainer that anyone who has even an inkling that they want to learn more about cooking needs to check out this app ASAP. This is a free app that I use DAILY. No, I am not kidding, I check this app more than I check Facebook or Twitter.

This app features so many different functions and tools! It shows the editors and teams favorite recipes, dinner ideas, cooking with seasonal ingredients and other basic how-to articles like how to prepare dried beans, how to butterfly cut different foods and so much other great content! One of my favorite parts of this app is that it has different difficulty levels. Having a few years of cooking experience under my belt, having a harder recipe to cook is always welcomed. They have recipes as well for gluten free, vegan, paleo and other diets as well that can help you stick to the lifestyle that fits you! A lot their recipes also are relatively cheap to make. I recently made their Pasta Verde and all the ingredients cost me less than $10. This recipe was great for me because it had some of my pantry staples like basil, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, and pasta!

Lastly, one of my favorite features is there step by step feature, where it tells you exactly what utensils you will need, what ingredients are needed at that specific time. There are also reviews of the recipes with photos from other people, as well as their suggestions about enhancing the dish. If you want to elevate your cooking knowledge and skills, this is the app for you!

Kitchen Stories (Fav Apps)


Google Drive

It is more than likely you have heard of, or currently own this app. Google drive is FREE and I mean FREE! I keep all my blog posts in Google Drive because I can access it from any device I own (except my sudoku machine but who knows maybe one day) which makes it one of my favorite apps. I have a whole file of just blog topics, so if I am out with a friend and I think of a topic, I can quick type it onto my page of topics, rather than trying to remember what it was later. I have so many different files of different things including recipes, a list of books I need to read, weird dreams I need to evaluate, and even my upcoming logo! YES I AM MAKING A LOGO THAT IS ALMOST DONE, so check back soon to see it on my page!

You can also easily edit, share, and collaborate with people to work on a project. I use this so much in college especially when writing collaborative papers, working on PowerPoint presentations and even swapping portfolios! You can insert hyperlinks, back up all your files, and can always upgrade your storage. You do have to have a Google email, but it’s super easy and free to sign up. Get this app and have all the file sharing you need!


All Recipes Dinner Spinner

I know, another cooking app but cooking apps have invaded not only my phone, but my life! This app is one of the first apps I found related to food (besides Pinterest) and being a 16-year-old starting home cook, this was an app that tested my culinary abilities. The recipes on here are tried and true, which is one of the best features of this app. I am always on the lookout for “Chef John” recipes on the app because his videos are funny and helpful as a step by step cooking guide!

You may be asking yourself, what is the “dinner spinner” I mentioned previously. It is exactly what you think it is! If you notice you have some ingredients that are on the edge of expiration, this tool is perfect for you! The dinner spinner is literally a wheel of dish types, ingredients, and the time they take to cook. For example, if you have a pork product near expiration, you just scroll over to the “pork” option. You then choose what type of dish you want to cook, and how long you want it to take.

I just did the example above and selected pork for my ingredient, my dish type was “main dish” and I have a bunch of cleaning to do so I choose slow cooker. This selection showed over 250+ recipes from classic pulled pork, to spicy slow cooker carnitas! I will show what the spinner looks like down below so you can understand why I speak so highly of this app! You can also select and save your favorite recipes and start a shopping list for each ingredient you need to try that delicious new recipe! This is a free app so get started today!

Dinner Spinner (Fav Apps)



Deadlines, low pay, traffic jams, bills and other stressors impact most of us every day. What if you could take just 10 minutes a day to increase your happiness and release your stress? This app has helped me out more times than none. When you open the app the first thing it shows is to take a deep breath. To bounce off that phrase there is an option in the app just for breathing exercises that you can customize!

The other options include sleep stories and exercise, meditation, and just very calming music to listen to while you sleep. There is a free version (which I use) and a premium version which unlocks extra stories and meditation talk throughs. This app is free as well and has helped me in some of the most stressful situations in my life, so I recommend this app to everyone and anyone I can!

Calm (Fav Apps).png

Word Press

If you are thinking of starting a blog, small business, or even just create your own website to showcase your photos. If you are reading this, then you are seeing how WordPress looks and operates. You can access both the desktop version or download the app which is what I currently use, except for posting my articles. WordPress is a great site to run your blog because you can customize your site with widgets, different themes, and other customization options. I check the app every week to check my traffic, what posts are the most popular, as well as use it to check out fellow bloggers and support their work as well. The app itself is free, but owning and running your own domain costs extra, I will discuss owning a domain on a later post!

WordPress (Fav Apps)

Nike Training Club

If you are looking to switch up your workout routine this is the app for you! With this app being free, you are getting free training all in one place! Personal gym trainers can cost up an extra $100 a month so getting free training from professionals is a great plus! These workouts are easy to do at home as well and there is an option for no-equipment workouts. It also records your activity and approximately how many calories you have burned! There is also a partner app called the Nike Run Club which tracks your run, your map and mileage and has multiple modes! You have the option of a basic run, guided run, or coaching over the course of a couple weeks. The guided runs have helped me improve my form, technique, speed, and breathing!

If you were interested in trying out the app, these are my favorite workouts that I have done and given me the best results!

Nike Run Club (Fav Apps)

To Do List

This app is exactly what it sounds like! It is just a to do list, which is surprisingly helpful! I use this app for all sorts of things whether it be my social media schedule for Instagram posts, blog posts, homework, and so many other things. Life is busy so it can be hard to remember everything that needs to get done you can set any task and either have it as a one time task or repeat daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You can also make different types of lists such as personal, work, Wishlist and others! This app is free to use and download and I highly recommend organizing the important things in your life!

To Do (Fav Apps)


This app is WILDLY popular for a multitude of reasons! If you don’t know what Shazam is, it is an app that identifies music you are listening! Have you ever been shopping or in the car and you hear a song that is a bop, you can use Shazam to identify the song playing and add it to your Spotify playlist! This app is also completely free so you can get as many listens as you want! You can also view the songs you shazam’d previously ( I know it’s not a verb, but I am making it one) and add them to other playlists in the future!



I have used both apple music and Spotify and I prefer Spotify all the way! It costs me $10 a month but you can get the version that is free. I use the premium version because I love having unlimited skips, no ads and the ability to listen to my music offline when I download a playlist. Whenever I go to the gym, I have a specific playlist that I listen to. There is also a wide variety of premade playlists to get inspiration for your own playlist making. My favorite section is the “Mood” section! They have the right playlist for every situation! These are just a few of the playlists that I am currently listening to and if you want to see my custom playlists just give me a shout!

Spotify (Fav Apps)


These are just a few of my favorite apps that I currently have and I could go on and on about some of the other one’s I use on a daily basis but who knows, maybe I will make a part 2 to this if everyone is interested! If you want to see more postings like this or something you haven’t seen before, leave a comment down below! What are your guys favorite apps? Leave a like and comment and will see you in the next post!

Thanks for reading!


Featured Image from Canva (I do not own this photo)

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