Ways to Overcome Your Homesickness: 6 Tips to Get Over It

The first month I moved into my dorm room, I was overcome by homesickness. Although I was having a blast at school I just wanted to go home and see my mom and hug her. I did a deep dive on reddit yesterday and found one of the most asked questions in the r/college thread was “how do you deal with being homesick”? It took awhile for me to learn and honestly, there are days when I am still homesick. Yes I am 22 and have an apartment and am adjusted to college life but there are some days I wish I could go home and stay home. Over the course of the first month or two in my dorm, I was able to slowly overcome my feeling of being homesick and I thought I would share with you guys how I survived the homesickness. Before I begin though, if you feel like none of these tips are helping talking to therapist can help. Most universities have free psychology and therapy services and many students utilize therapy for the exact same reason. Please do not be scared or embarrassed to seek help. We are only human after all. Now, let’s get started with those tips.


Tip #1: Be Involved in Dorm Activities

This is the main way I made friends! Moving into a dorm was the best decision I ever made! Living in the dorm not only allowed me to make friends, but also made me attend events more as well as be more open to new experiences. Another way I also made friends was to leave my door open. It may seem weird but having your door open is kind of like an invite to come and chat! Obviously if you don’t want to chat, just close your door. Talking to random people in your dorm is another great way! One of my best friends I met while getting mail and my other friend was my neighbor! I am now in her wedding in September! The moral is, don’t be afraid of getting to know new people!


Tip #2: Join Clubs Related to Your Interest

Depending on the university you are attending, there are usually a wide array of clubs and interest groups! I am in my senior year and I am still looking for clubs to join! My university has over 250 clubs! I was apart of “The Big Project” where we went around and helped the community. Not only did I meet new people and have a good time, I got some volunteer experience under my belt! There are actually clubs for everyone! Usually a club per major as well as LGBTQ+ groups, video game groups, theatre and so much more! If you aren’t sure what clubs there are on campus go to your university website and search clubs (otherwise go under student life). DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MEET NEW PEOPLE!


Tip #3: Attend University Activities (Homecoming, Culture Night, Games, Etc)


As I talked about in the first tip, getting involved in university activities can help you make some friends and distract you from missing your family. One of my favorite nights is culture night! It happens at our memorial union and they focus on one particular country/culture, and then we eat food and learn more about the culture! Most events on campus are free with your student ID! If you check out your union website and find out what events are happening!


Tip #4: Explore Your City

Before coming to Grand Forks, I never took my city bus. I obviously rode the school bus to school but I never took a community bus for a few reasons: 1) I had a car and 2) We didn’t have actual buses. One day when I had nothing to do. I took a bus around my city (free with your student ID). I took one to the mall, downtown, the business district and a few different areas. I just had to learn the bus routes! That’s how I found some of my favorite shops! I highly 

recommend it! 


Tip #5: Find Something You Like in Your City

I love to read! I have always loved reading since I was a kid and I still read! Going to the university library was cool and all, but when I found out we had a bookstore (that wasn’t the university one) I was thrilled! I have learned from experience that I can’t study in my room because I get so distracted! Now I like to go to the bookstore or the library! If I want a sweet treat as well while your studying, go to a local coffee shop! They have the comfiest couches so now I spend a lot of time there. 


Tip #6: Make Your Room Feel Like Home

This may be the most important step. Being homesick is one of the worst feelings but if you can make your room like home, it may help! I brought pictures from home, a few stuffed animals (22 years old yes and I don’t care). Having those few things from home helped ease my homesickness. You may be there for 9 or more months but you can make it feel like home.


I still experience homesickness from time to time. It’s ok to feel it and I promise you will get over it soon! If you use any of my tips, you will get over it in no time! As I said earlier if you feel like you aren’t able to get over it, reach out and talk to a therapist or a friend from home and remember it will be ok!


That’s all I have for today! If you have any tips or questions feel free to contact me on Instagram at @sunshineandseasoning. One week away from move in! You can do it! After the 29th-30th we will resume normal content! Thank you very much and have a great weekend!

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