10 Video Games to Play on Rainy Days (Or Any Day)

If you have been with this channel for at least a month, you have probably deduced this is a food blog. Every now and again I do like to switch it up and change up the formula every now and again, while discussing my other interests. My fiance and I are both avid video game players, and I am a huge Nintendo fan myself. When writing this list, I tried to be as have a few different consoles in mind including PlayStation, Switch, PC, and Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, I didn’t include any pictures in this post because I didn’t want to get copyrighted or sued because I cannot afford it! These games are the perfect games to play on a rainy day for a few different reasons.


1) Zelda: Breath of The Wild

This is by far the best game I have ever, ever played. Before I played Breath of the Wild, I only played one Zelda game previously and I loved it. This is the first open world installment of the Zelda Franchise, and it truly is OPEN. This game makes a huge open space work on a small, portable console and does it seamlessly. With different scenery, enemies, and so many new environmental differences, this game is so new and exciting. The story follows Link our trusted hero, who almost died when Calamity Ganon struck the Kingdom of Hyrule 100 years ago. Waking up 100 years later, he is trying to piece back his memories, all while trying to defeat Calamity Ganon in the process. Ganon has taken over control of the 4 divine beasts and link must free them and in the end, stop the spread of Calamity Ganon. This is all I want to tell you as to not spoil the game for anyone who hasn’t played yet. This game is available on the Switch and the Wii U If you do want those spoilers and more information on the game check out one of my favorite videos about this game!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCCpwFYibmU


2) Animal Crossing (Any Game)

If you are a fan of micromanagement with games like HayDay, Stardew Valley and others, animal crossing is the game for you. This game has no plot but to simply make adorable animal friends, and also buy no furniture for your house, go fishing, collect fruits, find fossils and literally so much more! This game may seem silly at first, but it is super, super addicting. The first game I got was actually New Leaf for the DS, even though other installations like Wild World and City Folk are so fun. My favorite part about New Leaf was you got to be the mayor of a town you created and installed new ordinances, town monuments and hosted other events as well! When New Leaf came out I bought it at 2 p.m. on a Saturday, just to see what all the hype was about, and I literally played until 4 A.M. on Sunday. I just had so much fun and felt that I could NOT put it down. I’ve had that game for almost 2 years and I still play it almost every day! They also made a free mobile app called Pocket Camp, which is all the best things about Animal Crossing, but has the outdoor camping vibe and so many new friends to meet. With animal crossing being a Nintendo Exclusive, they are only available on Nintendo consoles.


3) Sims 4

Most people, especially people my age have at least heard of, or played this game before. It’s essentially a simulator. Hence the name Sim’s. This game can either be played on a PC or PS4. The base game itself is great but the expansion packs, stuff packs, and other packs are what make this game. With packs like Seasons, Cats and Dogs, Get to Work, Get Famous, and so many other packs! If you buy all the packs for full price (which is so unnecessary, please don’t do this unless you are a huge fan) is about $500! A little outrageous so as I suggested earlier, just pick out the ones that look interesting to you. I watched a few videos of the games that looked the most appealing!

There is so many characters you can create and all these characters have different traits. This is more of the grown up version of Animal Crossing. Once again you have no real mission, but doing what you want is so fun. One of my favorite parts of the series is giving all the characters weird backstories. One I made recently was the most beautiful girls in the world, but her parents gave her the hardest name ever to say so no fashion industry would accept her, and now she’s starting her own modeling gig in Simsville. As you can tell there is so, so much to do in this game and can keep you busy for hours! Sims 4 is available on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox!


4) Undertale

This is a widely praised cult classic and if you do a quick search of this game, 52,600,000 results are possible. To not spoil the game the most I can say is that a human fell into the “underground” where monsters live and that’s about it. The creator, Toby Fox, recommends playing the game for yourself before watching any reviews or walk-through’s, play the game for yourself. I played the game a year or so back and it is so funny, heartwarming, and soul crushing all at the same time! It gives that fun 80’s vibes and the music is some of my favorite from a video game. I had the songs as ringtones for so long! Toby Fox also released a new game called Delta Rune which I just started playing, so if this post is popular, I will do a part 2! The one thing I can say is Temmie is the best and if you play the game, you will see why! I played this game on my laptop but I know you can also play it on the switch for under $20.


5) Horizon: Zero Dawn

This game is everything I wanted and more as a kid. Robot dinosaurs, a strong female lead, and a backwards future, this game is beyond beautiful. I unfortunately, have not finished the game so I can’t tell you exactly how it ends but my fiance loves it and reminds me about once a month to play it just so we can talk about the ending. The ending is a huge shocker I guess but if you want a robot dinosaur game, with some you can ride and reprogram to fight for you, this may just be the game for you! This game unfortunately is a PlayStation Exclusive, so if you don’t want to purchase a new gaming device, you can watch some great walk-through’s on YouTube!


6) Life is Strange

Life is Strange is one of the best teen drama video games I have ever played. I also haven’t cried the way I cried while playing this game. This story follows a girl named Max and how she has the ability to rewind time and redo events that previously happened. The dynamic relationships that are formed within this game are unique and amazing, and having an amazing cast of voice actors goes a long way! I am a sucker for teen anything but this game gave me a case of “the feels” while playing. Before getting this ability, Max has a nightmare about a twister destroying the town of Arcadia Bay. While Max is attending her senior year of high school, she reunites with her former childhood friend Chloe. While reminiscing with Chloe, Max finds out Chloe’s friend Rachel was killed and is trying to find the truth. The game continues on with so many twists and turns. If you were to take the completionist route, the game takes about 20 hours to finish. I know a second Life is Strange just released and I am hoping to get my hands on it soon! The game has different chapters so I may just wait for the complete edition to be released. I played this game on the PS4 but I think its on XBOX as well as PC.


7) West of Loathing

If you haven’t heard of this game, stop right here and just take a look at the cover, I’ll wait. Yes, that was a cowboy stick figure and that is the whole game. The whole game is just stick figures and crudely drawn scenery. This game just proves that the game doesn’t have to have up to date graphics to be good. This game has such a sense of humor and encourages exploration. For example a common thing throughout the game is the ability to dig through disgusting spittoons. The game consistently breaks the fourth wall but in a way that provides an ample amount of humor. This game has beans for ways to combat and if that hasn’t sold you, I don’t think this game is for you. For real though, this game has some of the funniest dialogue, missions, and other random items that constantly kept me entertained. This game is currently on PC and the switch for about $11.


8) Crash Bandicoot

I know not everybody grew up with this series but I sure did. I played Crash Bandicoot more times than not as a kid, so when I saw they were remastering it, I knew I was going to buy it again. When I first got my new copy I was immediately transported back to my childhood. Those puzzles and mazes seemed as hard as ever and I was ready to take on the challenge! When I hit the ice stages in Crash Bandicoot 2 I had instant flashbacks and the controls came back naturally. For $30, you can get Crash Bandicoot 1-3!


9) Cooking Mama

I use to have this game for my Wii and I played it all the time! This was one of the best ways for me to get the urge to cook out of my system, without wasting ingredients! You can play this with friends and family in a cooking showdown! My sister and I are ALWAYS tried to do the hardest recipe and them of course, we would gloat like CRAZY! I know there are Cooking Mama games for the Wii and the DS. I also have a free version for my IPad and it is one of my favorite mobile games!


10) Flower

My jaw dropped in pure awe when I first played this game. This game follows a single flower petal and how industrialization destroys our wildlife. With a powerful message, and more powerful visuals, this game deserves a spot on this list! The game only took me I think 4 hours complete but we got it free so it was so worth it!

This concludes my list of some of my favorite games of all time! If you guys like this type of content, consider sharing this post with your friends and family! What are your favorite games and why? Let me know down below!



Thanks for reading!


-Bre 🙂

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  1. You should do more video game posts! There are a bunch of us out here. You have some great suggestions here. I would add Gris and Okami in there. Life is Strange and Animal Crossing are my favorites from your list. 🙂


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