DIY Gifts For Dad for Father’s Day!

DIY Gifts for Dad/Fathers Day

Summer time is creeping up on us which means some of my favorite holidays are coming as well such as Independence Day, Memorial Day in which we honor our veterans, along with Father’s Day.

The hardest part of Father’s Day in my eyes is trying to do/buy/make something for him that can even remotely show how much he means to you. I don’t know about other families but mine is huge on homemade cards and gifts. If you haven’t found anything to gift to your dad, here are a couple of DIY ideas and gifts that will really say I love you.


1) Monster Trail Mix

Make your own trail mix with any ingredients such as almonds, peanuts, raisins, peanut butter M&M’s, or any other ingredient. It is a trail mix made buy his little monsters. Hopefully, my mom doesn’t show my dad this post because this is probably what I will be getting him this year! My dad is an avid snacker, so I hope he loves this!


2) Coupon Book

Oh, the tried and true coupon book, free night of washing the dishes, free mowing the lawn coupons, and if you are older, free case of beer with presented coupon. Get creative and think of all the things your dad could use a break from. I have made more of these than I can count and I don’t think my mom or dad has used one, rather, they just keep them for  memories!


3) Tie Board

What in the world is a tie board is what you may be asking yourself. This is an easy and efficient way for dad to keep his favorite ties in order. All you need is a board (a 6”x 2”, about 2’ long) a few nails and a hammer. Hammer in each nail about 1-1 ½ inches apart from each other. He can then hang his ties sideways off of them like so. My dad does not wear ties but you could put a spin on this such as a belt board, hat board, or any other accessory he needs!


4) A Book about How Great he Is

Whether it is on pen and paper or actually printed out he will love to look through the pictures of you two and reminisce and laugh. helps with the picture design. You design you and your dad and can also type out whatever words you like. I made one for a Christmas present for my fiance and it cost about $50.00 with shipping and handling. These are a huge hit and shows that you took the time to create this book!


5) A family photo book/mug/cup/etc.

Is there a photo of the family that your dad just loves? Well he can take that photo everywhere he goes! No not on his cellphone but on a travel coffee mug! When he wakes up not only will coffee be his motivation for the day but his family as well! Instead of the photo, you could also write a letter to your dad on a white coffee cup! I did this for my mom and dad for Christmas and they used them a lot! There are a few tutorials on how to get the writing to stay which you can find here:


6) Beer Bouquet

I don’t know about anyone else, but my dad would love this one! You could also make this into a prize basket sort of thing with his favorite beer, snacks, a new grill set whatever! This is probably one of the more expensive items on the list, but he will love it!


These are just a couple ideas and if you think really hard (or google) you can find some pretty nifty and neat ideas that will tug on his heartstrings. What are some of the best gifts you  have given your dad for his special day? Let me know in the comments below!


If there is anything you would like to see on this blog you can also leave a comment and subscribe to the page for more content like this and I hope these ideas help! Sorry this one was shorter than others, thought I would condense just a little bit to allow you to come up with your own original ideas that your dads would love!


Thanks for reading!

-Bre 🙂


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