6 Tailgate Snacks the Whole Crowd Will Love!

Ah, fall. Crisp leaves and cool air and flying all around and it’s my favorite time of year! With fall comes football! (and soccer, cross country, etc), but mainly football! Football tailgating is gospel at UND and across the country as well. But what is a good tailgate without some tailgate treaties? When you bring the treats, you will be the hit of your tailgate crowd! Here is a list of some of the most popular (and my favorite) that you should bring to your next tailgate party!


1: Sliders 

Who doesn’t love a good slider. The burger slider is a tailgate favorite of many and it is so versatile! A slider can be made with beef, chicken, veggie burgers, or whatever suits your taste. Many people go for the simple cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles and onion slider, which is usually a crowd favorite. If you want to shake up your sliders you could try a mushroom and swiss burger by using swiss cheese and a mushroom and onion mix cooked in worcestershire sauce and however you want them to taste. One of my all time favorite sliders I made was a cajun slider which had a cajun seasoned burger with blue cheese and an onion ring! Mix in any ingredients you want to make your own custom slider!


2: Jalapeno Poppers

Now this one is for the people who like it spiceeeyyyy (like me). I made jalapeno poppers at my halloween party last year and they were a huge hit (at least for the spice fiends). A hollowed out jalapeno pepper with some bacon, cream cheese, and shredded cheese is all you need! These can also be made into a sandwich or made into a healthier option (but who wants that right?


3: Chicken Wings

I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS! Bone in and bone out, they are both delicious! You can either eat them plain, with a dry rub or a sauce of your choosing! You could be boring and buy them from Buffalo Wild Wings, but it’s so much more fun to make them! I personally like my wings saucy with a buffalo sauce! Otherwise some of my other favorite flavors are parmesan garlic and korean bbq/teriyaki! What’s your favorite flavor? Have you made your own sauce? Let me know down below!


4: Beer/Alcohol

Now I know that this is not a food but as my dad would say, “I’ll drink my pork chop for supper”. If you bring the booze, you’ll be the most liked person at the party. It’s usually easier to bring a case of beer to the stadium, but I have seen people bring a box of wine and practically a whole bar with them! If you aren’t a beer person like me, having a seltzer like White Claw and Henry’s Hard Soda can be the better option! I personally like white claw or bloody mary’s are my drink of choice! 


5: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork sandwiches are not only a tailgate favorite but a birthday and graduation party favorite as well! A juicy and tangy pulled pork sandwich can really warm your heart on a cool fall day! You can also use leftover pulled pork in hotdishes, soups, and many other dishes, including tacos! 


6: Chili (Skyline Chili)

Bringin chili to the tailgate is a tasty powermove. On a 50 degree day in North Dakota at a Tailgate that Croc Pot full of red gold will warm the heart of any fan. Chili is a very debated topic across the country, so I won’t tell you what kind of chili to make, but chili at it’s most basic form is beef, beans, tomato sauce, and a chili spice or mix packet. Obviously you can add more or less of whatever flavors or textures you want. You can also tune the spiciness level to whatever you please. There is another form of chili that people make which has only burger and you put on top of noodles with cheese and onion called skyline chili which is also delicious! You can also add chili to hotdogs or burgers if you really wanted too!


Obviously there are so many different snacks and meals to bring to the next tailgate party but I am just listing a few of my favorites! What are you going to bring to your next party? What is your favorite tailgate food or memory? Let me know down below! If you want to keep up with me when I’m not here, follow me on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sunshineandseasoning/!


Stay tuned for more updates and posts! Thanks for reading!

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