The 8 BEST Places to Study

For many of you, school has already started and for some of you school starts next week. If you have started, I hope your week is going great and you are off to a good start! If you haven’t started yet don’t be worried, the anxiety will fade away and move in/first week of classes will be wonderful! What most students will be doing 70% of the time is either studying or working on homework. If you don’t study actively, you can get behind in classes and that is the last thing you want to do. I’m sure many of you have started studying in your room which is great but I thought I would share my top # favorite places to study!


1) Library

This may seem like a no brainer, but the library is one of the best places to study. My library on campus has a super interesting layout. Level 1 is a study area (couches and such), level 2 is actual books, and level 3 is the computer lab. There is an area in level 1 however to study with absolute science. There is a room sectioned off called the “fishbowl”. It’s called that because it mimics the silence you get with a fishbowl on your head. The library is a great place to study not only because it’s quiet, but because there are multiple resources available to you if you ever needed them.


2) Student Center

Our memorial union is currently being rebuilt, so we don’t have to option for a student center currently. On the 1st and 3rd floor of our union we had two different study areas for students. I used to try to grab a charging tower ( a tower with like 4 outlets) and curl up next to the fireplace during the winter. That was one of my favorite study places in the winter. More than likely your union will have a cafe or convenience store inside to get coffee or study fuel, to make your study time more effective.


3) Classroom

Most classrooms are used during the day yes but if you live on campus, going to a classroom at night could be a great way to study. I’ve done it a couple of times where I will go to my classroom and sit in my seat so my mind thinks we are going to class. It also helps me remember things a bit easier as well. All classrooms either have a white board or chalkboard which can be super helpful for drawing out diagrams so don’t be afraid to use what you are paying thousands for!


4) Parents House

This is my personal favorite place to study. I love spending time with my family but when I need to buckle down for finals, I like to study at my parents house because they will make sure I stay focused. Many of my friends study around campus as well so coming to my parents house means having a distraction free environment! If you are lucky, your mom will make you some finals week chocolate chip cookies (those always get me through).


5) Dorm Room

Studying in your dorm room (apartment) takes motivation and resilience. Some people can study in their room just fine but I absolutely can’t. If I have a test to study for, I have to leave my apartment otherwise I will find ways to avoid doing it like cleaning or playing guitar. I know a lot of people get distracted by social media (which I do too when replying to emails and instagram dm’s) but you can download an app that temporarily locks social media. Studying in your dorm room can also make you distracted by wanting to get food or watching a movie. If you can study in your room more power to you, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


6) Coffee Shop

This is probably one of the most popular study locations across the US. We have 1 main coffee shop on campus and 2 smaller Starbucks. Coffee shops are a great place to study because it is usually quiet (most people are there doing the same thing, so there is a mutual understanding) and there is free wifi. When I went to community college my friends and I went to a locally owned coffee shop to study. Their student coffee was 50 cents and unlimited refills plus creamer, sugar, etc. Most coffee shops also have a chill vibe and cool music, and if you are hungry, you can grab a snack to help you focus!


7) At the Park

This one is obviously weather permitting but the park is not only a great place to study place but a beautiful one too! Studying outside allows you to be exposed to more oxygen making your brain work better and retain more information! Pretty cool right! We have a park about 3 blocks from my old dorm and I use to study their in the fall. It was nice and cool and I usually had my own little tree I studied under! Bringing a blanket and packing a lunch made it feel like a study picnic! You should definitely try it sometime!


8) The Bookstore

All universities have a bookstore of some sort whether big or small. The bookstore where I go to school is actually huge and it’s where you can get merch as well! Our bookstore offers a small study lounge inside the cafe so not only is it comfy, but you can get some snacks too. I have personally never studied in the bookstore because there were too many distractions for me but many of my friends would grab a sandwich and an italian soda from the cafe and study peacefully so it’s up to you to try!


I hope I gave you some inspiration on where to study and hopefully it will help you focus better! Where do you study? Let me know in the comments below! Have a question about college and not sure who to ask? Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @sunshineandseasoning. I hope your first week goes great, now get back to studying, you have a class to pass! 🙂



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