6 Tips to Help You ACE That Online Class

2020 has been a pretty scary year, but more recently the Coronavirus, more commonly known as COVID-19, has been the topic on everyone’s mind. Between the media, television and social media we can’t escape it. Many schools and colleges across the world are closing their doors and switching to online classes. For some this is great news, but for others not so much. Now that everything has changed to online courses, it can be tempting to push it all off until the last minute and then you are left scrambling! I’ve been there before and it isn’t fun! That’s why I thought I would share my tips and tricks that have helped me get through those online classes!


  1. Treat Your Online Class Like an In-Class Course

Now that classes have switched over to remote/online classes, it can be easy to not take the class seriously. It gives you more time to watch Netflix, play video games, and work on your relaxation you deserve! As fantastic as that sounds, it can have repercussions. Attend the online webinar course and actively listen. I know it’s hard when you could play on your phone or grab a snack from the kitchen  but actively pay attention. Not only will you actually take something away from the lecture, but your active listening and note taking will help when it comes time to study and to take the exam! I know that the new season of Westworld looks tempting but if you can hold off for 1 hour, you won’t regret it. 


2. Create a Regular Study Space

I know that many of us have a habit of laying down on the couch or our beds with our homework scattered everywhere. Working where you relax? Not such a good idea. Sitting in a place where you relax makes it hard to focus on your work when the remote is less than a foot away or your favorite Youtuber just uploaded a new video. Distractions are everywhere! If you can find a nice, quiet space to study and work on homework, do it! I use our second bedroom which functions as an office. When I write these blog posts or have to do any work, I come into the office and just work! I usually have a layout of what I need to do, so it all stays organized! When you utilize a quiet space (like an office) you are more likely to get work done and you will feel productive! Every time you have to write a paper, do an assignment, read a textbook, or study, find that quiet place!


3. Keep Up With The Assignments/Lectures All Week

It’s a Thursday night, you are sitting on your couch and thinking about working on that assignment that is due Sunday at 11:59PM but your friend texts you and says you two should go get tacos! You start thinking that tacos are delicious and the satisfaction you will get from enjoying good company. “The assignment isn’t due until Sunday, I have plenty of time”. Sunday comes and you forget about that assignment you had to complete and you just lost 10 points! It may not be much, but it all counts in the grade book at the end. 

One of the best things I started doing after my first semester of college was doing the assignments throughout the week, instead of doing them the day they were due! Not only did my assignments turn out better (because I had more time to proofread) I had time during the weekend to relax! If you are feeling super productive, you can try to get all the assignments done (MAKE SURE YOU PROOFREAD!) so you have more time to do other things you enjoy! Even if you do 1-2 assignments a day, you will notice you open up a lot of free time!


4. Practice Time Management

Many people all over the world (and even myself sometimes) struggle with time management. After your first semester of college you get a better understanding of how long something takes to get done, and you can utilize this skill for the rest of your life! One of my favorite time management tools is a planner! There are so many different planner types but sometimes you just need a good, old fashion time sheet! If you are more of a detailed person, I recommend picking up this time management planner from Amazon! Not only does it have a time table, but other tabs such as aspirations, goals, daily gratitude, a brainstorming section, and more! It’s currently 50% OFF! This is one of my favorite time management planners, but if this seems like too much on one page you can grab one of my favorite printable from home making organized!  It’s neat, simple, and organized! It’s my favorite way to keep track of stuff day by day! Grab the free printable here! I am currently developing my own so once it’s all done I will share it with you!


5. Eliminate Distractions

Anywhere you turn nowadays is littered with distractions! I keep getting distracted while writing this post! With the age of digital entertainment and our brains constantly being wired in, it’s hard to not get distracted. One of my most valuable tips is to have some music on but have your phone be in the other room. Turning it off doesn’t work. Put on some headphones, listen to a playlist that helps you stay focused (here’s mine), and only open the tabs you need. There are many distraction blockers for Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc that temporarily block off your social media accounts for a time period you set (I set mine for an hour). If you follow the tips I laid out in this paragraph, you will be completely focused.


6. Hold Yourself Accountable 

The best practice you can take when holding yourself accountable is to set goals and check in with yourself weekly. If you notice you can’t hold yourself accountable try partnering up with another classmate or even someone in your household! When I was younger my mom was my accountability partner and it worked so well! Honestly, she still is to this day! Being organized is also a crucial part to holding yourself accountable!


There you have it! My top 6 tips to help you ace that online class! I know that the virus is currently being splattered all over the internet right. In order to alleviate some of your feed, I will not be mentioning it in any other posts from here on out. We need something to read other than the negatives. I hope this helps and stay safe!


Do you have any other tips I forgot to add to this list? Where is your favorite study space? Let me know down below! If you want some more tips for upcoming finals, check out my 8 best places to study and How to stay organized posts! Links down below! I will be on Instagram all week @sunshineandseasoning! Thanks for reading everyone!





Remember: Good seasoning always leads to sunshine!


-Bre 🙂


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