5 Style Tips From One Lazy Girl to Another

Throughout life, I have never been “fashion forward”. I have always preferred a soft pair of sweatpants and an over-sized hoodie because I would rather be comfortable than stylish. The bane of my existence was having to dress up. The thought of having to wear a tight shirt and dressy black pants, only made me want to crawl immediately back into my solitude of fuzzy comfort. Once I hit college, I began attempting to dress like a  fashionable college student would, but I always found myself uncomfortable. I always had an excuse for not wearing those kinds of clothes, like it doesn’t fit me or it doesn’t look good. I’ve had this same mindset for so long, that I decided I was going to make a change, and I did! If you’re like me and want to make a change, I’ve got the tips for you! 


Whenever I looked at my style icons on Instagram, I noticed that everything was so expensive! $50 jeans? I don’t think so! A $400 coat? Absolutely not! As much as I wanted to copy their style, I knew I realistically couldn’t afford those outrageous prices and felt like I would never feel fashionable. Much of my wardrobe is still stuff from high school or thrift stores, so it isn’t considered “up-to-date fashion”. The more I have grown up, I have realized it’s OK to not wear the newest things, or to have the brand name stuff. As much as I want a Gucci belt, I know I can find either one that looks like it, or a knockoff from a vendor. Throughout this post, I am going to tell you some of my favorite finds that I got for a very decent price.


One last note before we begin. I felt it important to discuss what I like to wear on a daily basis! My favorite combo in the whole world is a solid graphic tee, and some perfect skinny jeans and a staple shoe! If I have to dress up, I prefer to wear something loose but professional like a black romper with a blazer and a small heel. The one item in my closet I do tend to spend more on is shoes, especially my everyday shoes! The pair of shoes you see on your left is a Nike Classic Cortez! These are probably my favorite pair of shoes ever! I wear them 90% of the time and they are under $60! They also run true to size. I actually purchased them because they reminded me of the shoes from Stranger Things (which they have official Stranger Things shoes, just hard to get). My other favorite pair of shoes on the right is the classic Chuck 70 converse! I personally prefer the short top black ones, but I also want a pair of red ones. I usually purchase mine ½ a size bigger and they fit great! At retail price, they are $80 but you can usually get them on sale if you watch the website. Now that we covered everything, let’s get started on my style tips for lazy girls!

Converse Pic          Cortez Photo

1) Have 1-2 Jackets That You can Wear with ANYTHING

In the transitioning months between fall and winter and winter to spring, a good jacket can completely tie a look together. I usually go for a large denim jacket because you can wear them with almost any color of jeans, a skirt, or you can top off a spring dress with a denim jacket to keep you warm! Another personal favorite for many people is a sleek leather jacket. My go-to denim jacket comes from one of my favorite and most reliable places for shopping, Shein! Shein is one of the main websites I get such great deals from and I know exactly what I am getting! No this is not an ad, I just love the brand so much, and you will probably hear me talk about them a lot throughout this post! If you want to pick up this stylish and durable jean jacket, click the link here! With Shein, I shop in the plus size section and usually go for a 12-14 and I have never had a problem!

2) A Plain White T-Shirt goes with EVERYTHING.

I think I have 6 plain white tee’s because you can pair ANYTHING with them. Black Jeans and a leather jacket? Perfect! A flowing maxi skirt with a sunhat? FLAWLESS. A plain white t-shirt should be one of your go-to’s when you want to look sleek but comfortable! I tend to buy them at Old Navy because they are a perfect fit and the material is so soft and feels great. I usually buy a large and it’s true to size! They also come in v-neck’s if you want a classier look. It’s only $12 so grab it here before it’s gone! 

old nav tee right

3) Go For Wrinkle-Free Fabrics

One of the things I hate most is when you finally pick out an outfit and the shirt is wrinkled. Now I have to take the time to iron it when I could be eating or cleaning or doing anything else but ironing! Some of my favorite wrinkle-free fabrics are velvet, polyester, nylon, Lycra, wool, cashmere, and denim. Velvet is one of my favorite fabrics not only because it is wrinkle free, but it’s also incredibly soft to wear and touch. These velvet leggings can be worn from a meeting at the office, to the grocery store, and a seamless transition for a drink with the ladies! Grab them for only $12 here

4) Graphic Tees Should be the Life Force of Your Closet

As I stated earlier, my go to look for any day of the week has always been a graphic tee and jeans. There is something so versatile about a graphic tee, and they are ALWAYS COMFY!  I have worn graphic tees since middle school and some of my all time favorites come from Shein. Like I said,  it’s not an ad, I just really love the brand! My dresser is littered with graphic tees but I know I can wear them with jeans, shorts, or even dress them up for a casual but corporate look. If you are a size 12-14 like me, I included a link to Shein’s fantastic and affordable graphic tees! If you need to pick some up do it here! before they are gone!


Shein graphic tee



5) Don’t Be Afraid to Add Accessories

Accessories can be a hit or miss, but paired with the right outfit, it can be a spectacular addition! You can use everything from necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, rings, hair scarves, bandanas, shoes, bags and so much more! Now that I have long hair, I love using hair scarves to finish off a summer outfit! Most of the accessories are stunning and are under $3 on Shein. You can’t get better than that! Pick up their newest line of accessories today!


There you have it! My top 5 tips to make any lazy girl look put together and beautiful! The lesson of the day is that you don’t need expensive clothes or jewelry to be a style icon, you just have to watch for sales and know where to shop! I will be doing a closet tour soon on my Instagram @sunshineandseasoning. I will also be hosting a poll of our favorite styles as well so check it out while you can! Are you a lazy girl like me? What are your hacks to look flawless? Let me know in the comments below or come chat with me on Instagram! Thank you so much for reading!


Remember: Good Seasoning Always Leads to Sunshine!


-Bre 🙂

Pictures from:

featured image: canva.com

nike cortez image: nike.com

converse image: converse.com

white tee pic: oldnavy.com

graphic tee pic: shein.com


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  1. Personally, if i could live this way, graphic tees and a good pair of leggings is honestly all I’ll ever need!! Those are always a hit for casual. Also, you can never go wrong with a white tshirt. Some really good points there :’)


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