My Top 5 Amazon Prime Movies You Need to Watch!

These past 2 months of working from home have been fantastic! I get to work in my office, listen to my own music, and there is no commute. I can’t complain about the commute anyway, considering I live 5 blocks from my house. My routine has been to do my work in the morning and then transform my home into a movie theater! I have been deep diving into Amazon Prime Video lately, and honestly, it’s almost all I watch now! If you didn’t know, you get Amazon Prime Video for free when you have Amazon Prime! I love my 2 day shipping while watching one of these fantastic movies! These are my favorite movies I have seen so many movies these past 2 months (about 2-4 a day), so these top 5 movies are the pinnacle of Amazon Prime movies! This is my opinion and if you think any movies are better than these, let me know so I can watch them ASAP!

Logan Lucky

If I am being honest, I am not a big comedy movie fan. Usually the jokes don’t land with me and I enjoy dry humor a little too much. However, this movie had me cracking up like I haven’t for a long time at a movie. This is a story of 2 brothers (and a sister) who are down on their luck and attempt to break into Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. This film stars Adam Driver (my favorite actor in Hollywood right now, also plays Kylo Ren in the Star Wars Sequels), Channing Tatum, and Daniel Craig. The synergy between the cast mates is undeniable and I had fun watching this movie!


This is more of a Sci-Fi movie, but even if you aren’t a fan, I still suggest that you watch this movie because the writing and the cinematography are beautiful. This movie stars a father and daughter who are gifted with powers but are forced to hide away from society. All people who have superpowers are considered “freaks” and are hunted down and killed. Emile Hirsch is the lead and he delivers a powerful performance as the father. He has appeared in other movies like “Into the Wild” where he starred and “Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood”. 


I heard about this movie in passing, and decided I would check it out. Considering it starred Adam Driver again, I knew I would probably like it anyway, but I was blown away. This movie details the life of a bus driver named Paterson who lives everyday the same. Goes to work, writes poetry, walks the dog, and drinks 1 beer, then comes home to his wife, who always has a different aspiration every day. This film examines the monotony of an average guy living an average life, and yet there is beauty in it. Some may find it boring because it isn’t a blockbuster but it’s honestly something beautiful, and is on the list of my top 5 favorite movies ever.

Guava Island

This movie is written and produced by Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino. He also plays as the main character named Deni, who wants to live a simple life on the island he was born in and play guitar. His girlfriend, played by Rhianna, only wants to leave the island, to experience a new life. This film is a blast of beautiful colors on the eyes and is all filmed on a classic VHS Camcorder. The art style and message within the movie had me smiling the whole time, as well as the exquisite tracklist. The movie is only 56 minutes, but has perfect pacing throughout the whole movie, all the way until the end. This is one of my favorite art movies and if you watch it, you will understand. Trust me on this!

The Report

I am starting to think that this is just an Adam Driver appreciation post, but I just love any movie he’s in! The Report being no exception! This movie is based off a true story of a man named Daniel Jones (played by Adam Driver) who is a FBI agent tasked with investigating the use of torture tactics on terrorists following 9/11. This is a very serious but powerful movie and the acting by everyone is top notch. There are some hard to watch images so you are warned. If you are into true stories, this is the one for you!

Honorable Mentions

These are a few movies that didn’t quite make the top 5, but are still worth the watch! I’m not going to provide a summary, you will just have to watch them yourself! 

-Hotel Artemis


-A Most Violent Year



And so many more!

Have you watched any of these? What’s your favorite Amazon movie? Do you like Adam Driver too? Let me know in the comments below or DM me on Instagram @sunshineandseasoning

Thank you for reading! 

-Bre 🙂

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