6 Ways You Can Become a Better Home Cook Today

Cooking is quintessential to the human experience. Maybe you’re just starting your cooking journey or need a little boost in your cooking skills. Then this is for you! Let’s dive into 6 ways you can improve your cooking skills!  


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    Fall is my favorite season. The crisp weather, colored leaves, and scrumptious food! I know people associate fall with apples and pumpkins, but there are so many different seasonal foods you should try this fall. Fall usually means the end of a bountiful harvest, and being from the breadbasket of America, it’s a critical time […]


  • Making Foreign Food WITHOUT Foreign Ingredients

    I don’t know about you, but I love having a wide array of food. Chinese, mexican, african, and South American are some of my favorite types of dishes to eat. I also love learning authentic ways to cook an older, foreign recipe. The only downside to liking foreign food, is I live in a small […]


  • 8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Salad

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    Ah, fall. Crisp leaves and cool air and flying all around and it’s my favorite time of year! With fall comes football! (and soccer, cross country, etc), but mainly football! Football tailgating is gospel at UND and across the country as well. But what is a good tailgate without some tailgate treaties? When you bring […]


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